Friday, October 3, 2014

30 Day Crochet Challenge: Day Three

Day Three: Current WIP

The list is long:

This is a picture of my afghan from the Stitchcation that I went on this summer....
I was supposed to work on it during July and August. 
I was hoping that I could finish it. But, alas.....
Good News!!
I finished my last square this afternoon.

And, my Basket Weave Container is about 1/2 done from the September Crochet Challenge:
(it's done with 2 strands of yarn, and it makes me weary!)

My great-neice is turning 4 this month, I'm in the process of making her a
"Frozen" hat (I'm still looking for the "perfect" snowflake buttons.)

My nieces are  turning 8 and 10 in the next few weeks, and LOVE American Girls.
I have started a sleeping bag for the first niece.
This is the pillow - the bag will just take a few days (hopefully!)

There are so many others.....
I'm just too embarrassed to show you the pics.
In fact... I don't even want to think about them....
These are just the ones that I am actively working on!!

 I'm also going to link up at USS.Crafty


  1. I like the squares for the afghan. The colors look nice. Thanks for sharing this at the 30 Day Crochet Challenge!!


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