Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Interesting and Amusing Finds #1.....

This picture just made me so happy when I saw it..... It is just too cute!!

Ok, this one made me laugh.... A Stay-at-home dad leaves post its around the house!
check out the website of all the post it notes....

When I saw this it was just TOO much!!!

 Too cute not to share.... it comes from a website that has some really cute animal pics!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Comfort Pack

So, this is the gift that I made for my husband this year. It is a crocheted comfort pack.
I filled it with flax seed, sewed a bag to put the seeds in, and the crocheted the washable, 100% cotton cover to go over it. I crocheted little buttons, so that the cover can be washed. I thought it turned out very nicely.

Here is the website with the directions. It was super easy - I think I might even make more.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy "30 Gnome" Birthday!!

So, Are you like me? And find it hard to throw away a PERFECTLY good toilet paper roll?
I'm Crazy??
I think I have spent too many years working with children... knowing that there are so many uses for a sturdy tp roll~~~
 Well, my second daughter turned 30 last month - and she loves Gnomes... so, her sister and I decided to "Bomb" her house with 30 gnomes.
 Here are just a 
few of the places we placed them.

  She loved it!!!  Happy Thirtieth Birthday!!

This blog was my inspiration!!  She is ALWAYS an inspiration!!! Thank you Sarah!
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