Friday, October 25, 2013

Jonathan Edwards

So, do you all know about  It is the best site ever.  I am on their email list, and once a month get notification of the audio book that is free for that month.  There have been some pretty good ones: Cross and the Switchblade (David Wilkerson), Forgotten God (Francis Chan), A Passion For God (A.W. Tozer), Choose Joy (Kay Warren).  Just to name a few.
Well, THIS month... yes, this month....the month of my birth.... the best month ever....they have a GREAT book for free... and you have just 1 week left to download it.

Free Book of the Month

This is a book about Jonathan Edwards, one of the great evangelists during the Great Awakening. It is wonderful glimpse into American History from a Christian perspective. I highly recommend it!

I give it 

Even if you don't think you would listen to it in the next few weeks.... download it, and save it on your computer, and have it waiting for that next trip you take in the car, or on an airplane.

There are no gimmicks or  hidden charges....I have been downloading free audio books for over a year, and LOVE it.

Let me know what you think......

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Mindy Project!!

This is the cute little hat I made for a cute little birthday girl....... 
my "great" neice!
Isn't she a cutie?
Mindy turned 3!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Seriously??? Again??? Still????

Ok - I think that I am seriously ADD.  I start to crochet something... and then something shiny happens and some blog does a crochet-challenge, or a Crochet-along.... and I put my project down and go buy more yarn... (I think I have a "condition")

Well, I am working on cleaning and organizing my office/craft room.  It is not an easy job... I have limited space... and for some reason my husband wants to use some of the space for his stuff, too!! the nerve!!!

I decided I need to start keeping all my yarn and projects in one place so that I know what I have ... This is what happened....
Doesn't it appear that some "yarn villain" has come into my house and done something nefarious??

But,NO... it was just me....

I am actually kind of embarrassed at all my projects... some I love and some I really don;t want to finish  I did finish that hat on the left for my little niece.  That was the 3rd try at trying to get it the right size  I want to finish the other 2 - because I am so close to finishing....
Do you see my cute little Santa hat?  I worked on that in February - still waiting for the little white pom pom on the top.  Then all the bags of half finished projects..... Some for little Indiana, one for Benjamin, and a couple for some of my "special" daughters. And there is AT LEAST one doxie in there. 
After the first of the year, I want to start working on all of my unfinished projects... is that possible??? (not sure)
disclaimer: not all unfinished projects are pictured.... YIKES!!!
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