Sunday, July 19, 2015

Corp de Ballet!

Are you impressed with my ballet term?  I was trying to be clever with my title, and looked up terms, and found this one: Corp de Ballet which means: "...a classical ballet term that refers to the dancers in a ballet that dance as a group."

I made these ballet outfits for my sweet little nieces (who I love very much!)  
They both have a doll... acutally, they might have several dolls)  
 I am always on the look out for cute patterns to crochet for the girls...
 The shoes were so easy and fun to make
  The whole dress/skirt took a little longer that I had anticipated... 
but, once I got going to went smoothy.
 I think they turned out cute!
You can get the pattern here!

Friday, July 17, 2015

It's Watermelon Time!!

Summer weather has not yet hit us completely in So. California.
As far as summer goes, it is still pretty mild!
But, I want to be prepared!!

 I made a Watermelon garland to decorate my office at work!
 The pattern I found online was written in French.
I translated it (with Google Translate)
 Worked on trying to figure it out - then created my own pattern
 I was very excited to complete it
So, here's a question.... does anyone buy seeded watermelon anymore?
Can you even FIND it anywhere?

Monday, July 6, 2015

Orange You Glad It's Summer?

Summer is Here!!

Since I live in southern California - I guess I should be happy with the summer.
I like to live where there is no snow..... but, I don't like living in a "desert" when the summer rolls around.
But, my sweet nieces live in Virginia. So, I thought THEY might be happy that summer is here!
I made up 2 boxes of "orange items" and mailed it to them!
Maggie over at Smashed Peas & Carrots makes these kinds of boxes all the time.
Well, THIS time, I thought I would Jump On To Her Idea
It was fun shopping for all the orange items!
This one was my favorite!
(I added the little butterflies!)
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