Wednesday, October 8, 2014

30 Day Crochet Challenge - Day Eight

Day Eight - Favorite Yarn

I really don't have a favorite brand of yarn.  
I have a "least" favorite brand - but that is for tomorrow.

Then, I was thinking color.... I love the darker colors - browns, burgundys, tans,

I was trying to think of something that I made in browns that I have never blogged about:

I made this couch arm cover without a pattern.  I saw the idea on the internet - and then just started crocheting, until it fit well, and looked good.  

(I have since changed couches, and don't use them.... (sad face)

I'm linking up at USS.Crafty
Check out all the other crocheters taking the challenge!


  1. I have a blanket that I crocheted that looks like this! It's actually been a WIP for several years. I should've included it in my WIP post. lol

  2. good idea to make covers like this!


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