Friday, May 10, 2013

Clutter Busting Day 8

 I'm participating the clutter-busting-challenge over at Money Saving Mom.

This is day two of my drawer de-cluttering.
Here was today's clutter:
 Pajamas - I have so many, I couldn't even open the drawer.  I love them, and they make me happy - but, they are stretched out, stained, wrong size, basically... ugly.  I won't wear them. So, I finally had to let go. There were some that were dachshund pajamas... don't want to wear them, but can't let go of them yet.  I didn't put them in the picture - they have been carefully placed into my dachshund box. 
I also found a couple of tee shirts - I have WAY too many tee shirts... I think  I will just throw them out.
And, last but not least a blue ribbon.... time to let go!!! hahahaha!!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Clutter Busting Day 7

 I'm participating the clutter-busting-challenge over at Money Saving Mom. 
I decided to "de-clutter" my dresser drawers. These are the items that I decided to say farewell:
1. bra
2. slip
3. old sock (not sure why it doesn't have a mate!!)
4. gloves (does that count as 2?)
5. 2 old bathing suits - no elastic left - I don't think I would have really ever worn them again!
6. see above
7. empty perfume bottle
I didn't count the trash that I found - but, I do question why I had trash in my dresser drawers (??)
I did find some change (score!)

I was very pleased with my clutter-busting today.
How did you do?


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Clutter Busting Day 6 **plus**

 I'm participating the clutter-busting-challenge over at Money Saving Mom.
This is what I got rid of today: Shoes, remote control helicopter (don't ask), photo album, shirt, 2 books, and misc trash/boxes, that had been cluttering my hallway.
I tried to do a few more than 7 - since I didn't do any "clutter-busting" yesterday!
I came home from work - and didn't feel well, and had to go right to bed. (BOO)
Feel much better today, though!

Can't wait for this weekend... here is a funny pic to laugh at:
My boss brought this back from a convention that he was involved with.
He was spotlighting the clothing.. and the theme was "art".
Kind of clever, it think!!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Clutter-Busting Day 4

 I'm participating the clutter-busting-challenge over at Money Saving Mom.

Here's my Clutter-Busting for Day Four:
I went through my recipe books and cleaned out about 5 of them.  It was hard - but, I hadn't looked at them in YEARS (if ever). Then, found a magazine, and some "paper trash" up in the cupboard. Also birthday balloons, (had to pop them because they were tormenting my little dachshund "chicken"). Giving away gloves. and some electric fabric cutter-thingy.  Love it... but, just won't use it!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Clutter Buster-Day Three

 I'm participating the clutter-busting-challenge over at Money Saving Mom.

These are the things I threw out today!!

See the big box on the left? that had been sitting around for a while - time to throw it out!!!
A book that I read - and now need to pass it along - an iphone case, and a "bark off" that never really worked well.  And... a pile of papers and a magazine... time for the trash can!!
(suitcase is not going away - just happened to be in the photo shoot of my trash!)

Great Blog I'm Following!!


This is a new blog that I am follwoing....and I LOVE IT!!!

She was talking about making snap decisions about people.

We don't know what they are going through, or what they have been through.

We need to love each other, and give people the grace that God has given us!!

If you have the time... take the time to read the entry.... it's worth it!!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Clutter Busting - Day Two

 I'm participating the clutter-busting-challenge over at Money Saving Mom. 
This is Day Two - and after the disaster of yesterday - I decided to be better today.
The moment I got up in the morning - I started looking for 7 things. 
and, by the time I was ready to leave for work - I already had 5 things:

 vase, thermos, bowl, strainer, spatula, salad spoons, tea strainer
and a couple of things I can't see in the bag right now... but, if I look too hard, I may want to pull them out.
I have stacked them on top of the stuff from yesterday.
I think this weekend, I will box them up and put them in the garage....
then later in the month.... can I count the box as one thing???

Special shout out to my oldest daughter who was very proud of me for going through the kitchen drawer!
(she thinks I'm a hoarder!!)

Dachshunds Get The Attention They Deserve!

Okay, seriously.... this is such a cute doxie video. This is a 2 minute clip from this 11 minute you tube video.
The video is about Curious George and Mother's Day - and the best quote from the video is: "Huntley is thrilled that dachshunds are getting the attention that they deserve"

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Clutter Busting Day One!


This challenge has my name written all over it!

I just stumbled upon this challenge.... so, I wanted to post it... even if it is late tonight. 
But, I thought.... no problem... I can find 7 measly little things in my house to toss, or give away.
Well.... I quickly got up... and thought I would start in my closet... I have been wanting to purge that place for some time... well... no such luck.... 
I couldn't bear to part with the "stuff".  I even thought about counting the hangers.... but, I couldn't even let go of that.... (I think I need some serious counseling!!)
anyway... here is what I came up with:
Shorts, skirt, 2 blouses, and several gift bags.
(I have been wanting to weed through those anyway!)

Sad when Pup Pups Leave us!

 Well, 2 of my friends... yes, TWO friends lost their sweet pups this week.  I was heartbroken.
I made these cards, and gave one, and sent the other.
I was going to make more, to have them on hand... but... couldn't pull it together!
2 was my limit!!
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