Sunday, October 5, 2014

30 Day Crochet Challenge - Day Five and Six

Day Five - Favorite Size Hook
This one was hard to think of.
But, I guess when I just go out on my own (which is rare)
I grab an H crochet hook
I have a tendency to crochet very tightly.
So, sometimes I have to use a larger hook in order to make the gauge accurate.

This is not actually a picture of MY H hook. 
Who knows where one of my "20" H hooks are.
They are attached to some of my many unfinished projects.
If I can't find what I need.... I go and buy another one.
That would be interesting one day to collect all my hooks, and see how many I have.
What fun.... (not!)

Day Six - Least Favorite Hook

To be honest - I can't say that I have a least favorite hook.
I have use a Q hook to crochet rag rugs....
And, I loved it

I have done thread crochet and created MANY doilies.
And, I have enjoyed it.
So, to answer today's challenge:

I'm linking up at USS.Crafty
Check out all the other crocheters taking the challenge!


  1. I have the same problem of not finding the hook I need because it's stuck in a WIP somewhere! I have more requested on my Christmas list for this year lol

  2. I keep my crochet hooks in a pencil case/box, so I know where they all are. I've been wanting to buy a complete set of crochet hooks.


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