Thursday, August 29, 2013

Doxie Quilt

This is THE CUTEST quilt. My mother is into making quilts.... I think she should make this one for ME!!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Purses for my Nieces!!

Here was my BIG summer project!!! 
They made up really quickly.  It was the lining and the flower, and just "assembling" everything that took the time.  The blog that I found the pattern on, ((link at the end)said that she lined the purses and the handles, so that the would hold up better.  And since these are going to 2 young little girls (Hi Sierra & Hannah!) I wanted them to last!!

Here are the purses in production:

No pics of the purses while I was crocheting them... I was having so much fun - didn't even cross my mind to take a pic!!
Then, I made the flowers.  Sorry I don't have the link for the patterns. I thought those would be easy to find... there are patterns for flowers ALL over the internet....
But, when you need one.... not there....
I hunted and hunted....and finally found some, I think they turned out VERY nicely!

Here they are waiting for their "insides" 
I thought it would be hard to find fabric that matched, but it wasn't.
I used yarn that I already had, then after they were all finished, I looked for the lining....
In hind sight, I guess that wasn't the "correct' thing to do...
but, it worked out!!
 Then sewing in the lining....

The final touches: the snaps and the labels....
love the labels.....

Tah Dah!!

I learned a lot from making these... they weren't hard.. they were time consuming... but, knowing that my sweet nieces would LOVE them... make it a labor of love!!!

Here is the promised link to the pattern

Friday, August 23, 2013

Ok..... REALLY??

Ok, so when I saw this I pinned it!!!
I had to!!!!
I pinned it at the beginning of summer, and I have been thinking about it ALL summer!!
It has been haunting me!!

I read a blog one time that said she made a list of all of her unfinished projects and posted it on her blog, to help her be more accountable.

I thought about that.... but, the post might be too long for ANYONE to read....

Just suffice to say.... I have my fair share of unfinished projects.... and it just makes me sick to read my Crochet Board 
and see all the new & cute & fun & useful projects I could be making!!!

I really HAVE been making things this summer... yes, I have started FAR more than I have completed.
But, I do have to say that I have not POSTED everything that I have completed!!
So, here is my goal.... to post when I complete... how often? not sure....

Well, I just finished a big project that I started this summer - and it was hard to complete - that is why it took me all summer... but, I just put the final touches on it today - 
I will be posting those pics tomorrow....

Not crochet related:
I worked on this tonight:
 You print out the leaves, and then cut them out. 
It was easy, and I have more to cut out....

My inspiration was from Under the Table and Dreaming
I am hoping tho make this a garland like the one in the pic - but, I knew that if I did not hang them up on my wall tonight - I wouldn't hang them up - and then they would get lost in the shuffle...

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