Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Woof! Woof!!

This is my niece's daughter She had a birthday in May.
Yes, May!!!  I dutifully took these pictures, and had every intention of blogging about them.
Did I? NO!!
(I guess it's only 3 months late.... that's not as bad as I thought!)

 I had so much fun making it.  And, she seems to really enjoy it. 
(That's always a bonus!!)

Once again.... I have my "friend" at Repeat Crafter Me, to thank for the free pattern.

Cutest Little Bare Feet!!

Aren't those the cutest little feet you've ever seen???
This is my sweet little granddaughter, Indiana.
Notice those cute little "barefoot" sandals she has on.
Her grammy made those!! (ME) 

Here is a close up of the sandal....
and here is a shot of the sandals with no feet!

 I've seen these all over... for children, and for adults..... I can't go barefoot anymore.... so I am living vicariously through my sweet little girl.
The butterfly seems to be a little big for her, so I am going to make another pair with baby yarn, and see how that goes..... keep checking back!!

I got the free pattern from Repeat Crafter Me.  She has the BEST patterns, EVER!!

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