Friday, July 28, 2017

Funny Finds Friday!

In looking around the web, I found some interesting things. 
Not all of them are funny - but, the first one is for sure!

I thought I would highlight some of my finds here:
This wreath cracked me up!  I would LOVE to have it
The price tag is a little too high for me! ($185)
But, it's sold anyway!

This little guy made me smile!
My little Benjamin is in LOVE with Minions!
And he's just figuring out what a bookmark is. 

These Ice Cream Cones are the cutest!
(they are the only kind I can enjoy now)
BTW- the website includes the full pattern

It took me awhile to get excited about Adult Coloring books.
Then, I saw these with Bible verses.... what a GREAT idea
(and they are FREE!)
And while poking around on the site - I saw THIS Bible
It's called the Inspire Bible
I think this might be in my future!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Watermelon Hat

When I saw this hat from my VERY favorite crocheter
I KNEW that I had to make it for the 2 little girls in my life.
This is my darling little great-niece

Isn't she a sweetie with her little watermelon hat?

Then, here is sweet little 
She is the daughter of my coworker

I had so much fun creating them for these cute little sweeties!

This post should have been published a YEAR ago - but, I am behind.
But, I want to make sure I have all my creations on my blog!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

I Have Been MIA for Way Too Long!

I haven't posted in more than a YEAR!!!!

This poor little blog has been on mind all 365+ days.  

I was trying to decide 
 I wanted to have this blog!!!

To make 

To document

For Fun?

To make

I think for now.... I will stick with...... To Document

(mostly my crocheting!!)

So, if that is the reason.... then, I want to catch up on all the things that I have made in the last year - and chronicle them right here!!

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