Monday, March 29, 2010

OWH cards

These are some cards I made for Operation Write Home. My goal is to make 25 cards, and then I will mail them. This will be my first donation to this cause. I am very excited.

Military Ministry

My church, La Palma Christian Center, has a Military Ministry. We spend all year making Christmas cards, and write letters to troops. When the troops write back, we put the letters in an album. They recently changed from 8 1/2 x 11 to 12x12. I volunteered to make the album cover. The cover reads: La Palma Christian Center; Letters from the Troops; Military Ministry.

We wanted to separate the letters by years. I was so proud of both of these pages.

Christmas Card in March

I bought a box of Christmas scrapbooking stuff at Tuesday Morning (my new favorite source of supplies!!) I had decided last year that I would make a few Christmas cards every month, and then when December came around, I would be ready with homemade Christmas cards to mail out. Well, I have only made 4 cards... but... I MADE FOUR CARDS. I am so please with myself. This is just one of them. I really like this one.. and think I can duplicate it in some fashion.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Eleven Pups

This red smooth Dachshund who hails from Muskogee, Oklahoma should have her own reality show with her eleven puppies.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Circle Card

This is my last post of the day! I have been wanting to make a circle card for a long time.
I had a good time. It was fun, and different. The only problem was that I had to use an oversized envelope. It was okay, I had bought some, so I just made sure that I made the circle the right size to fit into the envelope. I made this card for my special friend Cheri, for her 27th birthday!!The inside of the card says: Just want to tell you that you're special and to wish you all the joys of a wonderful birthday!

cute, cute, card!!

I'm finding that I LOVE cards with little squares. I am really drawn to them. So, I made several cards, but did them in different colors.... FUN.

card with burlap

I know that it seems I post in "clumps". I have been working on cards, just unable to take good enough pictures to post them. So, today I was off of work and decided to catch up!!
Here is a card that I stamped a heart onto burlap. I thought it turned out very well. I was impressed. I only made one. Which I hardly ever do. I always feel that if I am going to make a card - I am going to make several at the same time.... But, I really liked this one, So, I am going to make some more. But probably not so many buttons this time!!
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