Friday, April 26, 2013

Quick Birthday Present!

 So, my niece has 2 sweet little girls - and we were invited to her youngest first birthday party earlier this week. The party is tomorrow.  I wanted to make something - but what to make for a 1 year old that I can complete by the end of the week????
Slippers & a Crown!!

 I wanted to make this crown but, it didn't have elastic, and I wasn't sure how big around her head was. So, I opted for this one. I altered the pattern a little - made it longer and didn't put beads on the crown for a 1 year old.

The slippers were made using this pattern, and I made them just like the pattern.  I hope they fit her. I did a little test on Benjamin, who is about 6 months older - and they were a little snug... so, I hope my "scientific" findings were correct!

The, of course she has a sister that is 2-1/2, and probably will not understand why little Rosie gets all the attention, so I made a crown for her, too

Then, my sweet baby daughter wanted a crown, too. So, I made the green one for her, and by the time I finished it.. she was asleep - but, I did a photo shoot anyway!!!

(The purple one is for the birthday girl's mommy!)

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