Sunday, April 21, 2013

Of Grasshoppers & Guacamole!

 So, my Saturday started out peaceful and restful. 
In the morning, I went out to water my plants. It's been windy here - and I am VERY bad about remembering to water.  When I started to water the rose bushes, a grasshopper jumped out of the bushes and landed on my head!
This brought back to my memory a very horrifying experience when I was about 10 - we were downtown Oklahoma (I know, crazy!!) and we were walking in the city - and a grasshopper landed on my head.  I can still feel that sensation - whenever I see a grasshopper.
So, understand my "horror" when ANOTHER grasshopper landed on my head!!!
Well, it hopped around the patio, not able to find a way out.  My 2 sweet pups (picture on the side bar) thought I had brought home a toy for them - they chased it everywhere.  
Somehow my 13 year old pup caught it...
She thought it was quite a find.  She would nibble at it, and then it would hop away.

 She would catch it and nibble some more.

Finally, by the time I was done on the patio.... no more grasshopper to be found!

I ended my day in a much more pleasant way!
My daughter had been given LOTS of avocados (about 30) - and she called us after dinner and asked us to bring some chips and come over for some guacamole.  
Much to our surprise - she had cut them all and made a HUGE bowl!!!

This is not the picture of the guacamole - we were much to excited to consume the guac - to slow down and take a picture of it.   
Anyway - there was so much left over - we brought 2 containers home to put the freezer.
So excited!!! 


  1. Love, love, love avocados and guacamole! Lucky you.

  2. Roscoe tried to "play" with a grasshopper once -- it was just sad. He pretty much did the same as your pups, and it was gross! Glad you liked the guacamole!!


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