Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It's Cupcake Time!!!

 This was the February Crochet-along challenge over at The Curious Pug. She does a Crochet challenge every month. LOVE IT!  It is soooo much fun.  Sometimes it really takes me out of my comfort zone!  
I have been wanting to make cupcakes for a long time now.  So, this challenge was just the thing to make me "Do It". They were fun to make!!

 The challenge this month gave us 3 choices.  I, of course, wanted to make the cupcakes, but also wanted to try my hand at the Danish Heart . I think all the choices were great.


  1. Tassie, all of yours look very even just like in the pattern on Bittersweet. I totally know what you mean when you are talking about being out of your comfort zone. To be honest the pattern for the Danish heart intimidated me a little bit :/
    I am sure googly eyed cupcakes will make your nieces happy!

    Have a nice day!

  2. Oh, yay! They look fantastic! I love how you lined them up on a tray. Everything about them is so bright and cheery... now if only I could eat one.... ;)

  3. woo half a dozen! they look delicious :)

  4. WOW! You made the cupcakes, too. Good for you!! These are amazing.


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