Monday, September 21, 2015

How To Wrangle Hot Coffee!

The church I attend is branching off and starting a new church. About 20 of us are leaving.  It is a nice diverse group of people.  Differing ages, ethnicity and backgrounds.  It is very exciting.  
We have been meeting regularly, and we have coffee and snacks at our Bible Studies.  But.... we do NOT have coffee sleeves for our "HOT" coffee cups.  
I know, I know... I could have gone and bought a package of cardboard coffee sleeves... but, what good would that do?  How could I show off my mad crochet skills?  So, I took some time from my other works-in-progress, and whipped this little puppies out:
 I am pretty proud of the end product.
 I made 6 total!  I used buttons from my button stash - which ALWAYS makes me feel good!
 So, Thursday night.... watch out Bridge Community Church!!!  We are going to get "Cozy"!!


  1. Omg! Those coffe cup holders are amazing!!!! I love it :) it makes me want to learn again haha

  2. Hi I love your cup cozy's you made. They are so pretty and cute. Thanks for sharing.


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