Friday, May 10, 2013

Clutter Busting Day 8

 I'm participating the clutter-busting-challenge over at Money Saving Mom.

This is day two of my drawer de-cluttering.
Here was today's clutter:
 Pajamas - I have so many, I couldn't even open the drawer.  I love them, and they make me happy - but, they are stretched out, stained, wrong size, basically... ugly.  I won't wear them. So, I finally had to let go. There were some that were dachshund pajamas... don't want to wear them, but can't let go of them yet.  I didn't put them in the picture - they have been carefully placed into my dachshund box. 
I also found a couple of tee shirts - I have WAY too many tee shirts... I think  I will just throw them out.
And, last but not least a blue ribbon.... time to let go!!! hahahaha!!

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