Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Clutter Busting Day 6 **plus**

 I'm participating the clutter-busting-challenge over at Money Saving Mom.
This is what I got rid of today: Shoes, remote control helicopter (don't ask), photo album, shirt, 2 books, and misc trash/boxes, that had been cluttering my hallway.
I tried to do a few more than 7 - since I didn't do any "clutter-busting" yesterday!
I came home from work - and didn't feel well, and had to go right to bed. (BOO)
Feel much better today, though!

Can't wait for this weekend... here is a funny pic to laugh at:
My boss brought this back from a convention that he was involved with.
He was spotlighting the clothing.. and the theme was "art".
Kind of clever, it think!!

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