Thursday, May 9, 2013

Clutter Busting Day 7

 I'm participating the clutter-busting-challenge over at Money Saving Mom. 
I decided to "de-clutter" my dresser drawers. These are the items that I decided to say farewell:
1. bra
2. slip
3. old sock (not sure why it doesn't have a mate!!)
4. gloves (does that count as 2?)
5. 2 old bathing suits - no elastic left - I don't think I would have really ever worn them again!
6. see above
7. empty perfume bottle
I didn't count the trash that I found - but, I do question why I had trash in my dresser drawers (??)
I did find some change (score!)

I was very pleased with my clutter-busting today.
How did you do?


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