Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Knotted Headband

This is contribution to the March Crochet Along over at The Habitual Homebody. (formerly The Curious Pug):

These were the two that I'm most proud of.  This is my  daughter and I modeling the finished creation.

I was really excited at how easy they worked up.
Although.... I KNOW that I have a bigger head that the normal person - so, I tried to take that into consideration, and made my foundation chain much longer.... BIG MISTAKE.  It just slid right over my head.
So, on my second attempt, I followed the pattern, but used a bigger hook... that was the key.
They both fit our heads perfectly.  (my daughter inherited my "big head")

Here are some more pics:
I ended up making 3 total....I want to make more - I really liked them. But, we are starting to have summer already in southern California... so, it just made my head sweat!! YUK!!!


  1. These are so cute!! I love the color of your purple one :) Following via gfc now too :) Hope you're having a happy Thursday!

  2. They look great - I think my favourite is the orange one :-)

  3. Your headbands turned out so cute!!

  4. great job! they came out great! thanks for participating :)

  5. Tassie where are you in California?? I live in Hemet Riverside county. Nice job on the headbands.

  6. Love your headbands :-)


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