Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Chicks!!!

Happy Easter!!

Easter is tomorrow!! Going to spend all morning in church, and then off to my brother's home to eat a BEAUTIFUL Easter dinner with family.  I know that it will be a fun day!!

When I was first married and became a "Hare" (my last name!) - I would make my mother a homemade Easter decoration every year, and tell her it was from the "Easter Hare".  It was fun... but... life happened, and 4 children later... homeschooling for 22 years later.... I didn't have time... I wanted to do it every year... but, just did not make it a priority.....

Well, this year she guilted me into it!! I made some Easter decorations:
 I gave two to my mother, and kept 2 for myself. 

 My goal was to make a whole dozen... or at least 1/2 dozen.... but, things happened... and then I didn't!!

Here's the website that I got the pattern from.... her's are adorable!

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