Sunday, July 19, 2015

Corp de Ballet!

Are you impressed with my ballet term?  I was trying to be clever with my title, and looked up terms, and found this one: Corp de Ballet which means: "...a classical ballet term that refers to the dancers in a ballet that dance as a group."

I made these ballet outfits for my sweet little nieces (who I love very much!)  
They both have a doll... acutally, they might have several dolls)  
 I am always on the look out for cute patterns to crochet for the girls...
 The shoes were so easy and fun to make
  The whole dress/skirt took a little longer that I had anticipated... 
but, once I got going to went smoothy.
 I think they turned out cute!
You can get the pattern here!


  1. ONE: I learned a new term today! {thank you} and TWO: I love the outfits! what lucky girls they are to get these from you. love them!

  2. This is really cute :) I wish I had one for my American girl doll, although that would mean finding it first. You did a great job on keeping the tutu puffed out and not laying flat!


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