Thursday, September 18, 2014

Yum, Yum! Food!

 My sweet little Grandson, Benjamin, requested that Mimi make him some play food. (Actually, Mom indicated that he might want that for his birthday, and I couldn't wait 6 weeks!!) 

So, I started out with a Peanut Butter Sandwich. (no jelly!)

Then, a few days later, I saw this pattern for a hot dog... it was just too cute, so, I made it!!!  It turned out WAY cuter than I thought it would!!!
 So, on "photo shoot" morning - Benjamin had a little bit of a "tude".  
Indiana was having so much fun with the food, 
I decided to take her picture instead.
 Please excuse the lack of clothes!
She is usually dressed in a very cute outfit! 
But, it has been over 100 degrees in California for the last week!!

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