Friday, October 11, 2013

Seriously??? Again??? Still????

Ok - I think that I am seriously ADD.  I start to crochet something... and then something shiny happens and some blog does a crochet-challenge, or a Crochet-along.... and I put my project down and go buy more yarn... (I think I have a "condition")

Well, I am working on cleaning and organizing my office/craft room.  It is not an easy job... I have limited space... and for some reason my husband wants to use some of the space for his stuff, too!! the nerve!!!

I decided I need to start keeping all my yarn and projects in one place so that I know what I have ... This is what happened....
Doesn't it appear that some "yarn villain" has come into my house and done something nefarious??

But,NO... it was just me....

I am actually kind of embarrassed at all my projects... some I love and some I really don;t want to finish  I did finish that hat on the left for my little niece.  That was the 3rd try at trying to get it the right size  I want to finish the other 2 - because I am so close to finishing....
Do you see my cute little Santa hat?  I worked on that in February - still waiting for the little white pom pom on the top.  Then all the bags of half finished projects..... Some for little Indiana, one for Benjamin, and a couple for some of my "special" daughters. And there is AT LEAST one doxie in there. 
After the first of the year, I want to start working on all of my unfinished projects... is that possible??? (not sure)
disclaimer: not all unfinished projects are pictured.... YIKES!!!

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