Sunday, January 6, 2013

Reading???? in 2013

So, I am taking on a HUGE commitment for myself.
I want to read 12 books this year... I know to you readers that does not sound like much.... but it HUGE for me. I just DO NOT LIKE TO READ!!!
So, when I made the decision to commit to this undertaking.... I took a look at my bookcase (yes, even though I don't like to read, I have books on my bookcase... mainly because I WANT to read, and I think I SHOULD read.... but, I just don't like to read :(
Anyway.... I looked at my books... and I already own 12 books that I WANT to read.... I think only one of them (maybe 2) are books that I have previously read.
Now... don't get me wrong... I have a read books.... but... not many. I have read many "how to" books... how to be organized, save money, be a good mom, homeschooling. But, read for pleasure?.... NO. Don't have time!!! Too many good TV shows to watch!!! (hahahaha)
So, here are the books that I can remember reading just for pleasure:
The entire Left Behind Series.... could NOT put them down.... GREAT!
This Present Darkness.... excellent book!!!
Redeeming Love.... OUTSTANDING BOOK!!

Well, that's about it... (from the last decade!)
Prior to that.... not too many!!!

Now for this year's books:

1. 7 - Jen Hatmaker
2. Screwtape Letters - C.S. Lewis
started this one - LOVED it.... just never finished!!
3. Celebration of Discipline
4. Recommended by a friend - had the book for AT LEAST 10 years!!
5. Going Rouge - Sarah Palin
6. Captivating -
7. Redeeming Love - Francine Rivers
Read it once... must read again
8. 90 Min in Heaven
one of my best friends is SUCH a fan of this book - it will make her happy if I read it!
9. Slow Burn
another one recommended by a friend
10. Scarlett Thread - more about this one later
11. The Shack
oops - just remembered... read this one.... but, I MUST read it again!!
12.Interrupted - Jen Hatmaker

Now... I just came across ANOTHER book I want to read..... now the question is: do I REPLACE one of the books? or do I ADD to the list.... I guess  I will wait and see what 2013 brings!!

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