Sunday, January 17, 2016

Wonder Crochet Blanket CAL

Well, I'm going to start another Crochet-A-Long
I know, I know, you never saw the 2015 baby blanket crochet-a-long finished. 
I still have it on my mind - knowing I need to finish it! 
 But, something more "flashy and bright" caught my eye....
 I have ADD... okay???

Anyway - be happy for me.....

This one is a little different. I will be crocheting rows, instead of blocks.... the up side: No joining.... YAY!!!!

Anyway.... here are my first 6 rows:
I don't have a color scheme.
I am using my stash of yarn.
 That is the only way that I was going to justify doing ANOTHER project!

1 comment:

  1. New project?! Well at least you are using your stash... :)


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