Monday, November 9, 2015

Hey, Benjamin! Let's Go Fishing!

 It was my sweet little grandson, Benjamin's birthday last week. 
He turned 4 years old.
He is so precious.  My heart just EXPLODES when I think about him!!

He LOVES fishing, so I thought I would just crochet him a fishing pond with fish!

 The fish have a metal washer crocheted in their mouth. Here is the pattern.
There was not a pattern for the "pond".  So, I just started a circle and kept going until it was big enough.
 Then, I made a draw string. Found a stick (Ben calls it a "fish stick") and crocheted a pretty strong magnet onto the end.
It seems that baby sister loved the fish.  She thought that was the best part!
 And, of course Ben figured out that the magnet would pick up his other toys... so, they went into the pond, also!!


  1. This is so awesome! The things you make out of yarn are crazy :) I like that this ties up and can be carried with the pole

  2. so cute. You are so talented, Tassie

  3. Cute crochet fish!! I need crochet fish for my son's nautical room.

    Navy Wifey Peters @ The Submarine Sunday Link Party


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