Saturday, March 14, 2015

Stash Buster

I have quite a stash of yarn. But, it seems that everytime I want to make something new, I don't seem to have "just the right color/weight" of yarn - so, off I go to the store to buy even MORE yarn. 
So, when I saw this pattern, I thought it would be good to make a sofa pillow with my stash.
As some of you are probably saying to 
"she's not going to use very much yarn making a sofa pillow"
Well, you're right.... Somehow, I thought I would have used more. 
 But, I AM going to make a second pillow - even a larger pillow 
(because I have a larger pillow form on hand!)
I went with a simple Granny Square for the other side.  
I don't make granny squares very often, I forget how much fun they are to make!

  I had so much fun with this stitch. It kept me counting, 
but I didn't have to keep looking at the pattern.


  1. Pretty! What a great way to use up extra yarn!

  2. LOVE your pillows! Especially the zig zag like one. Great inspiration.
    Would love if you shared them at our Yarn Fanatic Linky Party -


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