Friday, August 23, 2013

Ok..... REALLY??

Ok, so when I saw this I pinned it!!!
I had to!!!!
I pinned it at the beginning of summer, and I have been thinking about it ALL summer!!
It has been haunting me!!

I read a blog one time that said she made a list of all of her unfinished projects and posted it on her blog, to help her be more accountable.

I thought about that.... but, the post might be too long for ANYONE to read....

Just suffice to say.... I have my fair share of unfinished projects.... and it just makes me sick to read my Crochet Board 
and see all the new & cute & fun & useful projects I could be making!!!

I really HAVE been making things this summer... yes, I have started FAR more than I have completed.
But, I do have to say that I have not POSTED everything that I have completed!!
So, here is my goal.... to post when I complete... how often? not sure....

Well, I just finished a big project that I started this summer - and it was hard to complete - that is why it took me all summer... but, I just put the final touches on it today - 
I will be posting those pics tomorrow....

Not crochet related:
I worked on this tonight:
 You print out the leaves, and then cut them out. 
It was easy, and I have more to cut out....

My inspiration was from Under the Table and Dreaming
I am hoping tho make this a garland like the one in the pic - but, I knew that if I did not hang them up on my wall tonight - I wouldn't hang them up - and then they would get lost in the shuffle...

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