2015 Personal Challenge

I want to do soooo much.
If I fail to plan,
I will plan to fail
I want to make/crochet 12 items  24 items on my VAST to do list:
I wanted to make one per month, but, then when I was going through my list.... I found SO many more.  I tried to just look and see what I would REALLY make.
So, I figure, if I make 2 per month.... I can have it done....
But... that means that I have to somehow fit in my "other" projects... that I KNOW will come up.
But, if I don't do them... then, they will never get done.... (does that make sense?)  I don't know.... I just want to do them.... And, I thought this was a good way to make it happen.

When I made these lists in November, these were my "pin totals" (they have since increased... of course!)

edit - I corrected my "pin totals" - I just don't know if I can do all of this in 2015!!!!

Crochet - 341 pins 367 pins
1. Mini granny square baskets

2. Octoberfest/ (saved on my computer)

3. cake-slice

4. larry-cucumber

5. dachshund-ted


6. crochet-alphabet

7. keycords - no pattern, but I think I can do it

9. baby-blanket

10. crochet-wrap-bracelet-button


11. crochet-heart-coin-purse

12. quiet-book


14.crochet owl

15. Gingerbread Man

16. Crochet Hook Case

17. Crochet Necklace


18. Champagne 

19. Hodge and Podge

 14  http://www.yarnovations.com/talk-like-a-pirate-day-cozy-lemonade/
15 http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/70703AD.html?noImages=

Crochet Christmas - 17 pins 37 pins
16 soft-christmas-tree-

17 gingerbread house pot holder 

18 Snowman

20 Ornaments

21 Advent Calendar

22. Christmas Tree Lights

23. Christmas Cookies

God Bless America- 16 pins
Oh how i love Autumn - 58 pins
Spring - 51 pins

22.  Chick Bean Bag

23  Colored eggs

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